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DMG - Exploration VP Steps Up To CEO Role 17 Dec 2013 PDF version 305 KB
DMG - Roadshow And Operation Highlights 28 Nov 2013 PDF version 596 KB
UOBKayHian - Formalises Oil Discovery In Indonesia; We Anticipate More Newsflow 28 Nov 2013 PDF version 305 KB
DMG - Market Loses Sight Of Fundamental Value 22 Nov 2013 PDF version 361 KB
UOBKayHian - Oil Discovery At Zircon-1 Exploration Well, But Could Be Non- Commercial 18 Nov 2013 PDF version 100 KB
DMG - Strikes Oil In High Impact Zones 18 Nov 2013 PDF version 550 KB
UOBKayHian - Top-line Weighed Down By Lower Average Oil Price And Oil Production 14 Nov 2013 PDF version 86 KB
UOBKayHian - Being Prudent For A Better Year Ahead. Partial Approval For FUYU1 11 Nov 2013 PDF version 174 KB
DMG - Oil Finds Far Outweigh Non-Cash Writeoffs 11 Nov 2013 PDF version 295 KB
DMG - Be Greedy When Others Are Fearful 30 Oct 2013 PDF version 350 KB
UOBKayHian - Right Sector, Right Time 18 Oct 2013 PDF version 944 KB
DMG - A Shot Of Adrenaline 03 Oct 2013 PDF version 352 KB
DMG - O&G Assets Deeply Undervalued 01 Oct 2013 PDF version 2098 KB

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